4 Qualities of Agile Content

Content today has to be more than just a story you put together, but what are the qualities in that content that make it stand out!

It has to be…


Fresh content does not have to be new content. For example, do you know how to test if an avocado is ripe!!??  Sure you do but…

Thanks to BuzzFeedBlue, and a great but simple video, this seemingly old content is fresh again.


Timeless content is that which never gets old, never becomes unneeded, can always find a place in the research of another blogger.  Whether you are talking about avocados or algebra, can your content remain as useful as it is now, long into the digital future.


Why am I going to read you content and will it be a resource to me later?  What insights can it provide that I can not only use as you have provided, but manipulated in a way that I can easily use it with any aspect of my life or work.  Insightful content leaves your reader thinking and motivates them to act.


I love your content but am I going to share it with my network?  This is the true test of great content in today’s social crazy age!

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