4 Tips To Teaching Anything To Anyone

I make my living teaching and troubleshooting high tech medical devices and relish in the opportunity to help people everyday.  While my title is technical support, I do alot of teaching and training, and have gotten very good at what I do.  I believe being able to recall information quickly and remembering that information, in the right context, has helped me in my job. Here are 4 tips I use daily to be able to teach anything to anyone.

Know Your Own Learning Style

Knowing how you learn can help in so many ways.  It can teach you how you best learn new info that you can pass on to your clients. It can also teach you about learning styles your client may have.

Being able to understand information and then be able to pass it on to other people is a skill that comes with time.  You can greatly speed that up by understanding techniques that help you that may help someone else.

Listen More

In my job, the most difficult task is understanding exactly what the client is having an issue with, thus what they need to learn. Then it’s deciding what they ‘need’ to learn versus what they said they ‘want’ to learn.

Listening and being able to pick out the important clues in what was said is huge!

Repeat what you think was most important and get that confirmation you are both in line with each other!

Assimilate Everything

Everything you hear or read, as an individual or as part of your team!!! It’s all going to be useful at some point and if it wasn’t now, it may be then.

As part of my team, we use chat software to connect our remote employees. Everything in that chat, whether directly involving me or not, I read and try to understand.

Find the time to take part in any offered professional development opportunities offered by your company, and even free courses offered elsewhere.  Self management courses are a great tool to learn how to manage stress and situations, making you better to work with anyone.

Adapt To Your Clientele

Lastly, learn to adapt. Your client’s success is your success. I’ll usually tell a client I hope to never hear from them again!

Quickly gauging your client’s stress level, time constraints, tone of voice, professional status, and other key factors will help you adjust how you work and train that client.


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