A Simple Guide To Content Delivery – STEM Approach

Use this simple acronym to guide your content delivery to get the maximum results no matter your industry. Whether writing a blog, teaching a course or printing a newsletter, this STEM approach will help you maximize your returns.


What do you use to deliver your content to your target market? Whether it is an app, a blog, a free course, or a printed brochure, embrace your system and fine tune it for your market. Technology may not always be the best medium so knowing your market will help you figure out what tools they use and where they prefer to get their content. Then work with what they love.

If you are delivering low carb recipes, your blog and an app may be the best systems to use.  If you are delivering advertising to diner patrons in a rural town, your printed newsletter will be ragged eared and well loved daily.


Who is your audience? Your target market is yours by research and analytics, word of mouth, and just great business overall.  By knowing who your target is, your content can be designed and delivered in the most effective way, financially and qualitatively.

Your target market can change over time! Where your low carb recipes may have been used by people trying to lose weight, they are now a lifestyle for families just eating differently – how does your system change to meet the needs of this new target market? What blogs or magazines do they trust for “family” advice?


Keep your market engaged! In the short term we determine engagement by views to your content, registering for your course, subscribing to your newsletter or blog. In the long run, do they return to your business, are you the go to person/business in the industry, are you the trusted resource?

Your system can determine how you design your engagement in to your content – puzzles, games, trivia and other tidbits get people to pick up that newsletter as it’s laying on the diner table. Great videos, mouth watering pictures make you want to use that recipe.


At the end of your content delivery, expect some deliverables – what is your call to action? Leave your market with something to think about, ask them for their feedback, likes, share or retweets. How can we motivate our market to act upon the content they just enjoyed.

Do they share their new found favorite dish with their neighbors and friends and tell them where they found it. Do your advertisers come back to you monthly to renew their advertising in your newsletter because their business is booming. Motivate your market to act upon your content – this is where the real rewards start happening!

Is your content delivery meeting your expectations? If not and you’d like some help, let us know!


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