An Unexpected Mentor – Learn and Leech

It’s been years since a new colleague has made me feel inadequate…

It was unexpected but refreshing. It is eye opening every day. I don’t know what I don’t know and I’m finding out more of what I don’t know every day!

I have my place yet I feel like the place I was building is getting ripped away from me. What do you do?

Let go!

In some spaces, you fight for yours, but this was never my space to begin with. It is in these moments you are mentored! My colleague is amazing at organization and detail – I hate those two words!

It’s refreshing to learn thru adversity – a kind of anguish of loss with the satisfaction of leeching!

I have my own space, and that space is mine – undefined, chaotic, powerful, and mine!

When you choose your mentor, don’t settle for the box – do not be afraid to learn and leech!

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