Become The Expert Simply By Telling Your Story

Anyone you can recall as someone who has mentored you, directly or indirectly, what drew you to that person? Was it their success or their process? If it was their process, you’re just like the rest of us drawn to they how and struggle of getting to the top. The rest of you…

Telling your story and how the struggles of getting there have shaped you and your business can be the deciding factor when promoting yourself in an industry laden with qualified professionals. Telling your story helps by

  • Connecting with clients and professionals on a personal level – you are human and not just that lucky person who happened upon success. People tend to buy from people and will be attracted to your product just because of you.
  • Building rapport and credibility – your product is as unique as you and you have worked so hard because you believe in what you do and what you offer.  Your story is an extension of your belief in what this product can do for them.
  • Builds an audience that may become future clients – you may be at a networking event and your story is just a response to a question asked informally over a cocktail. Nothing now, but down the road, that person remembers the story, your name and connects their need to how your story moved them.

Your story is just that important.  When going over your story and your success, don’t attempt to pad but give the details and how you overcome them.

And most importantly, understand for yourself that your story is important and others will be compelled to as well.