Coach, How Do I Get Off The Bench and Become a Starter?

I had a kid approach me at practice yesterday and ask me that question. How do I get off the bench and become a starter? I looked at him and saw it wasn’t just jealousy or anger. It was earnest desire to be better than everyone there.

I made a point of it and commended him for being proactive about his role on the team. Then I realized ho wimportant that lesson was for more than just a soccer field!

Here is what I told him.

Pick a player and take his (or her) spot.

Find the player whose spot you want, find a means to get it and work at it. You have to have a benchmark to gauge where you are and where you want to be and no better benchmark than someone who is consistently starting.

And do not be afraid to be bold about it either – it’ll only serve to make you and your teammate better!

Analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t just pretend it’s because you are better. You may think you are better but that’s not what your coach sees. ¬†Figure out in their strengths why they’re starting. What do they do well and how you can implement that into your game.

On the reverse, what does the coach yell at them for and can you do those things better. Can you improve your game to be consistently better at what they do well and better than what they do poorly!

Train and perform.

Challenge yourself to train better and perform. It’s the little things as well such as decision making in key situations. How do you handle competition and opponents?

Find the time to get in an extra coaching or workout after practice and on your off days.

Is it an attitude that needs to be adjusted.

Like a soccer field, the business world is about getting ahead of the people standing in your way of starting and succeeding.

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