Encourage Creative Writing with Inklewriter

My 12 year old is great at math and science.  A standout athlete and a social butterfly (dragonfly).

But writing…

Bribery, punishment, yelling, screaming nor pleading – nothing has worked yet to get my kid inspired to work on his writing.

But I may have found the answer.

pirkee.com is my content development company and while sitting at a Starbucks with him one day, I happened again upon Inklestudios, Inklewriter.  I had used sparingly a year before but had forgotten about it til just recently.

My son is an entrepreneur at heart, or is it the sound of money that drives him, but I proposed to him the idea of writing content for me.  In the style of some of his favorite authors, I explain the concept of Inklewriter and how it could help him (and me) profit from his own creative writing.  With a twinkle in his eyes, he put own his phone and stepped away from Clash of Clans for a minute and actually paid attention.

We’ll see where this leads us…

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