Evolve Your Learning

I consider myself an idea man but life has always taken the bumpy path – I’ve never felt comfortable being away from the day job to make any of these ideas stick.

Whether it be family, finances or ignorance, there has always been something in my way.

I do not consider my family in the way, for it is in my family that I have found the will to keep trying.

It’s why I consider this to be my greatest step forward. Not only have a found a method of using my passion and skills at once, but I have also been treated to a mentor that’s not. The chance to learn when the teacher doesn’t know you’re learning.

It’s in this past month that I have learnt that to grow, learning has to evolve. Away from the norm of books and articles to the people around you and the trials of a normal day.

It is in the unconventional that I have found the wisdom I lacked and the organization I needed.

To say thank you now would be awkward but I will when it is time.

Evolve your learning!

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