First Step In Failure: Not Starting

It’s been years since I first started “blogging” and despite knowing it takes a long time to build a following and see the rewards, I keep falling to the side.

Life get’s busy and admittedly, the day job has been progressing.  I love what I do and have found ways to recreate myself so that it’s always engaging, but the idea that I can build this gig on the side and have it work for me… too exciting to pass up.

Just like every January 1 where I resolve to lose some weight, I resolve again to work this blog.  But this year, I set myself a new target.  I am working around my resolution and tackling a seemingly smaller goal that will no doubt get me to where I want to go.

The goal – to lose some weight.  The target – increase my flexibility just a bit more every day. Why? Flexibility is strength, strength is power.

The goal – work on the blog. The target – write the first thing that comes to mind, here on the blog, LIVE and worry about editing it after.

Perfection is for someone else – get over the first step in failure and just start!

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