Get Business Email That’s Yours!

For a long time I got by with my Gmail account as my primary email – for everything! Friends had it, of course, but so did everyone else – potential and existing clients alike. It was all I used to correspond.

What seemed normal may have been giving off the wrong impression. It always seemed lke I was never really a business but more of someone who could get something done for you when you needed it.

That was then, when costs were kept to a minimum and bootstrapping meant keeping those luxuries to a minimum. But branded email, [email protected], isn’t as out of the way as it used to be.

We have started working with businesses as a Microsoft Reseller for Office 365 Business Essentials. One great service with so many great features.

Why Office 365 Business Essentials?

Email – for you and your team. Organization email that brands you and your correspondence as your business and no one else’s.

Storage – get 1 TB of Onedrive storage to share and collaborate on everything!

Office – web versions of your favorite applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Teams – the new chat software offering online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people

It’s time to get away from the other guys email and on to your own. Let us know how else we can can help you today.

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