Go To College – The Easy Way

The easy way?! Wait there is an easy way to go to college – to navigate FAFSA, applications, tests, essays, choices and choices!!!

Yes, there is an easy way! It’s called preparation.

And not just in your senior year but in all those high school years. If going to college is what you really want to do, the time to understand is now.

As a freshman

You can start deciding what schools you want to go to. Are you going to travel out of state or stay close to home. Start learning about these places and the weather, cities nearby. Get an understanding for being there.

As a sophomore

Start focusing on what you want to do there – is there a particular field you want to go to college for? Are there classes offered now that are in that field so you can get an idea of the coursework?

As a junior

It starts getting a bit closer and a bit more serious. Consider visits to some of these schools or virtual tours, if available. Understand how your grades and scores affect your probability of getting scholarships, financial aid and more. Can you qualify for sport or academic scholarships?

As a senior

You don’t want to worry about understanding the process – by now you should have one. You should know by now what a FAFSA is and who is going to have to fill this out. At this point, it’s all about deadlines and getting things done in time. Do you have a checklist?

Going to college the easy way is a process started four years before you have to make that drive or take that flight. Your parents have their tasks. You can take the responsibility and take care of a few of your own.


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