Happy New Year

The year started unlike any other year. There was a more sudden realization that change needed to be made.

It did have some nasty 2018 hangover lingering. I was going to make an analogy with the alien that was 2018 impregnating the unsuspecting human with it’s demon spawn but that got too gross as I thought it out.

A hangover that may last a few months (at least til March), and bring some struggle indeed, struggle worthy of blogging and learning. No other way around it so if you are reading this blog, you’re going to learn with me.

Details? Yes, details!

I think the biggest detail revolves around finances, as they always do. You never seem to have enough, and always seem to need to do more. And that’s where the sudden realization kicked in, as it always seem to do right after I splurge for Christmas.

The plan however is to do better – like I did with my diet where I do not eat after 8pm and cut out all soda – you just have to make small concessions and stick to it. And like my diet, where I lost a pant size and fell a whole hecka lot better, I am sure my prediction of March hangover will be true.

So let’s give it up to 2019 and hope this Happy New Year stays that way!

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