Like Google Primer? Meet TalentCards

In a previous article, I wooed over Google Primer. I am a fan of micro learning for so many reasons, but most of all it’s the speed of learning and the bite sized content (low attention span at its best!)

Being in a training role myself, I can see the benefits of Google Primer and making content, no matter what it is, available to my learners in this format. Having already been introduced and comfortably expert at TalentLMS, I was amazed to find the little sibling hiding in the back room.

TalentCards is your means to develop your own micro learning, ala Google Primer, platform. And such great features that are ever evolving.

If you’re not aware of micro learning, take a look at what TalentCards can do for your learners.

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Why I Love It!

  • Easy to use and create content – Like its bigger sibling TalentLMS, content is easy to develop. Cards come in many styles; one sided, two sided or stacked repetition, offering many ways to lay out your content. Then offering multiple ways to check up on your learner to find out if they got it.
  • Content Import Friendly – You can use any type of content – links, videos, audio and more. Make your content as interactive and engaging as you can.
  • Mobile Ready – The TalentCards mobile app is the foundation for your learners – after they install the app, their group code grants them access to the content you determine. That’s it, learn wherever and whenever!

We’ll be delving more into TalentCards as we develop more of our own training material but let us know what you think if you do try it on your own.

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