Pear Deck – A Google Classroom Content Developer’s Dream

I found Pear Deck while browsing the Four Top Websites for Teaching and Learning and was intrigued by the idea of developing content for a huge platform such as Google Classroom made simple for teachers. After reviewing the video and seeing just how easy it is, I had to share it for myself.

We all know technology is the future in education and with Chromebooks becoming the norm, Google Classroom is going to be a huge hit.

You can sign in with your google account to the free version and create decks (lessons).  You can even share and present across the web.

There are premium features of course, such as multiple choice, answer sharing, student drawing, all within a shared and teacher controlled environment.

See for yourself with their quick and easy intro

If you are an educator and you know you will be using Google Classroom, or even if you just have chromebooks, this is definitely worth checking out.