Quality in a Land of Quantity

A new web design business today???

I am sure people think it all the time when they see it – a new web design company among the multitude of diy web design options and long standing companies that have been around for years.

How could that business possibly do well?

It’s about quality over quantity, relationships over mass marketing, knowing your local clients rather than trying to expand to the world.  Every day, a new entrepreneur is born, and getting your business online as quickly as possible is one sure fire way to start getting business. Our goal at pirkee.com is to reach out to our local entrepreneurs and help them develop their online presence and business, quickly and efficiently, with their domain name, hosting and email.

When you decide to start a new business in a crowded industry, I am sure you have thought it through:

  1. the quality of my company’s work is above par and can stand out in the crowd
  2. the quality of my company’s relationships are strong
  3. the quality of my reputation helps my business grow

What may seem like a crowded industry may be the opportunity to provide a niche or even a premier product. Your local business contacts will appreciate the home grown and quality touch for their business endeavors.


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