Step One, Create a Relationship

Does it matter what the rest of your plan is?

How do you make the sale, close the deal, get that job? First find a way to create a relationship with anyone and work your way up. And how do we do that when we know no one in the company?

Ask for a Referral

Get your foot in by asking for a referral from someone you mutually know. Want to get to know the new director in that new hospital? Talk to your current network to see who already has that contact and ask to be introduced.  A referral from a friend is about as good as gold!

Find Your Six Degrees of Separation

Like they say, everyone is only separated by about 6 contacts. Maybe less with social media. See who knows who in your network and investigate beyond your current circle.  See who else your contacts know and keep the investigation going.

Social Media is Your Phone Book

Social media makes six degrees look like two in most cases. LinkedIn and Twitter can show you movers and shakers in your field and puts a bulls-eye on them as people you should know.


Volunteering is one of the quickest ways to show your skill and get your face out there, as well as giving a little back to your community.  Volunteer your time, your skill, your advice and make connections along the way.

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