Tobii Eye 4C Adds A New Way To Play

The normal keyboard and mouse for PC gaming can get kinda boring, even with the newest gear and the newest games. Have you ever wanted a new element in your gaming that you had never experienced before.

The Tobiii Eye Tracker 4C

The Tobii Eye tracking device, Tobii Eye Tracking 4C, adds a third dimension to the way you play games.

This device allows you to control on-screen actions, with your eyes. By tracking your eyes ,the device can tell where you are looking on screen. In doing so, the Eye Tracker lets you control your computer without using your mouse and keyboard.

Where as most games have one controller or a mouse and keyboard, the Eye tracker allows you to use your eyes as another way to control your game play. The eye tracker adds features unknown to gamers without this device.

Ever see the enemy before you have time to aim and shoot? Well one of the many features added with this device is the ability to turn and aim without using your mouse or joystick. A few other abilities added to your game include

  • Aim at gaze allows you to aim whatever weapon or item you have, at your target.
  • Auto pause allows you to just leave the room. If the Eye Tracker doesn’t see your eyes for three seconds, it will automatically pause your game for you.
  • Extended view gives you a bit more room to look around without your mouse moving. If you look to the side of the screen that you want to turn, your character will start to turn that way.
  • Dynamic light makes the game look more realistic by adjusting the brightness level depending on where you are looking.

The Tobii Gaming site has a list of all the games that are Eye Tracking compatible. This device not only comes with many new features for your games, but also just has a very nice look to it. It is very light and has a very pleasing, smooth and symmetrical shape. When it is on my monitor, I can barely even tell it is there.

The packaging includes the Eye Tracking device, magnets with a sticky side to attach your device onto your monitor, and even includes a USB extension cable in case the attached cable isn’t long enough.

My Tobii 4c

I personally enjoy being able to use this device to look at my target in the game. It makes it a lot easier to aim and get a dead on shot. This device isn’t meant to replace your current controls, but to make it less work to play the game.

The Eye Tracker is also usable with your normal actions on your computer. Some computers even have eye tracking built into them. Some laptops from companies like Acer, MSI, and Alienware all have laptops featuring Eye Tracker hardware.

The software for this device is also very simple to use. Not only is the software easy to use, setting up the device is also very simple. All you have to do is place the sticky side of the included magnet onto your device and set the Eye Tracker onto it.

This device is easy to use, adds a fun new twist on your games, and requires no additional software. It is the perfect way to spice up your gameplay.

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