Why TalentLMS?

Why did I choose to work with TalentLMS?

The decision was based on one simple criteria. But let’s start with some basics of what it had to have.

Mobile Platform

TalentLMS offers a very well made and functional mobile app that provides a mobile learner all of the functionality of the website experience. Huge bonus as millions of people spend hours per day on their smartphones!

Price Was Not Bad

In fact, for all the features you get, the price was amazing.  And while you’d think it’d skimp on features, that hasn’t been my experience so far.  All the features of the large companies and a reasonable price?! Amazing!

And the number one criteria?

Easy Content Creation

TalentLMS accepts all major content types including PowerPoint, PDF, web content, YouTube and more! One can take any content you’ve previously made and you can use it with TalentLMS. The testing component also offers some great options such as key word scoring (ability to score text based answers)!

Let me help you with your own TalenLMS implementation!

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